Deborah Thomas
Seriously, every monkey’s delight.  She is the original SillyMonkey. And that isn’t something she takes lightly. In fact, well, she takes that seriously. That’s why she specialized in serious games way back before it was the official word for the industry.

Ask her for a tattoo. Go ahead. Ask her.

Jaffet Cordoba

He’s the IT Monkey. And you know what that means. He doesn’t wear thick glasses for nothing. It’s because he reads computer books for fun.

Uh, we really do mean that. And he literally remembers every program he has ever learned.

How does he do that?

April Clark
This little monkey has a voice for voice overs. And boy can she act. When we need videos she is our go-to monkey. When we are looking for trends and ideas. Who do you think we look at?

Oh, and design is also her forte. Of course, you can see that.

Look at the hair and earrings. duh!