We have game shells that you can use to plug in your content. Yes. We know that off the shelf games don’t always work. Your content might be a round peg and you can’t shove that into a square hole, now can you?

That’s why we have an array. We start with a consultation because you really can’t build a game until you understand the content. Then you are ready to plug & play.



Okay, you just don’t have time to do it yourself. Hire use to consult with your team or let us handle the whole ball of wax. We love to work with clients. It seems like business partners.

Yep. We do a mind meld and work with you in the way that you want. We can consult. We can design. We can develop. What do you want? We do it.




We will teach you what we know. Game-based learning techniques. Learn to build a board game. Try your hand at Alternate Reality Games. And it doesn’t end there. We believe that you should control your destiny. We want to help you get there. Check us out. We have classes and workshops that you may be interested in. Visit the Gas Werks Website