The boutique for learning games, simulations, board games and more.

The original training heavyweight. SillyMonkey might not sound like a training heavyweight to you. But we make training float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Some don’t know us as SillyMonkey—they call us the boxing champions of training. If you want to communicate information in ways that make people stand up, listen and learn—You want SillyMonkey.

We invent and use every skill known and unknown to mankind. We get participants in the ring and dancing. We take instructional and game design to the nth degree. We have the left-hook on training technology, methodology and change agent master skills, and a love for all things training. We are happy to roll up our sleeves and crank away at content development because we know it’s the only way to bring  creative training ideas to life.

We are passionate about what we do.

We are the Muhammad Ali of ELT, ILT, CBT, WBT,  GBT and MBT. We know serious games, simulations, alternate reality, augmented reality and virtual learning,  you name it.

We cry a single tear when we see poorly constructed training. We dream of making the world a better place through a single serious game. We mock the challenge of faster, better, cheaper. Simply put. We live to create engaging events.

Who is SillyMonkey, you ask? We are a creative independent spirit used to working on projects with tight deadlines and impossible content. We have strong and naturally engaging personalities, ideas and visions. Oh, enough about us. Wait. This is about us.

We are team players with an attention to detail and follow through.  We are assertive, diplomatic, flexible, even-tempered and highly motivated. In a word—we are great training monkeys.